Scroll down for photos of our 20-Year Anniversary Celebration!!



Sunday School     9:45 AM
Adult Bible Study   9:45 AM          
Worship     10:45 AM
Evening Worship     6:00 PM

Mid Week Prayer Service  7:00 PM


Mens Bible Study     7:00 PM


Church entrance  Pastor Ellis Bond and his wife Sherri

          John Bishop, Assistant Pastor

Sunday morning services 10:45am

 5708 River Gulf Drive, Port Richey

Calendar of upcoming events!

August 2015

Aug 3 - Ladies Planning Meeting in Warming Room - 7 pm
    (meet 1st Monday of every month)

Aug 15 - Men's Breakfast 8 am at Cheryl Lee's Restaurant
    (meet 3rd Saturday of every month)
    All men welcome! Come join us for a great breakfast and Bible study!

September 2015

Sept 7 - Next Ladies Planning Meeting in Warming Room - 7 pm

Sept 19 - Next Men's Breakfast 8 am at Cheryl Lee's

Sept 26 - Men's Retreat at Tim Boone's house - Lots of great food including wild game, pool, good fellowship and speakers. $10 per person for the whole day. Call for info...

Sept 30 - Gary's Gang is going Skating! Call for more info..

Drama Camp

A week of practice, Aug 10-14, then the show on August 15th
We had a great performance! Our Drama Camp is continuing as a church sponsored kid's activity. We need kids of all ages to join in!
Email and tell us you want to act!!  


Kids! this is your chance to play act, be silly, be funny, or just pretend to be someone else! Come on down and help us put on the show!

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration ~ May 17, 2015

Getting ready to eat

Pastor Bond and Sherri opening cards

Eileen presenting gifts to Pastor Bond

Chow line!

Photo montage gift for Pastor Bond

Kids had a great time!

Lining up for the delicious buffet!

20 Year Certificate for Pastor Ellis and Sherri Bond

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